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I am digitizing, restoring and repairing several interesting items from our various collections. This page goes into detail about each of the projects and includes links for viewing the items. If you enjoy history, you will find this section interesting. If you have additional information regarding the projects listed below, please send me the information via the contact us page of this web site and I will post it here.

I have researched the works I have posted here online and via the U.S. Copyright office and I believe these works may now be posted for the general public (although these works may still hold copyrights in other countries so please note research has only been done in the United States and therefore are meant for visitors within the United States at this time). You can learn about public domain works here: https://law.duke.edu/cspd/publicdomainday/.



Whist: These handwritten instructions are from a box of school work, ledgers and letters from the 1800's. These are instructions for playing Whist, a classic English trick-taking card game which was widely played in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Hollywood Memorabilia

Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes fan cards, photos and Hollywood Western Shirt Co. catalogue from the Hollywood Screen Exchange and the Hollywood Western Shirt Co.


Vintage Magazines and Sweet Old Books

I really enjoy reading vintange magazines and sweet old books. I've posted a few you might find interesting. Since these works were written long before we came along, be aware they may contain content unlike what would be deemed appropriate by today's standards.




You poor thing. Did you happen to miss the 1972 Cincinnati Reds Baseball season (at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium) in its entirety due to an unfortunate incarceration or because you were not born yet? Fear not, this nifty little original schedule will fill you in on what was what back then:)


This is a small collection of really beautiful tintypes, I have scanned them with a regular scanner. Some of the tintypes are in such bad shape that I did very little touch up digitally. However, some of them have really good detail and I was able to touch them up enough to get a clearer picture - enjoy! If you know who these people are then send me any information you have on them and I will add it to the existing descriptions.


I will be honest with you, by the handwriting, I am unable to determine which of my siblings wrote this endearingly demented card to my father when we were little. It could have very well been me, however, I do not remember writing such a forceful "Love you Dad" card. My wonderful siblings are much more Ninja than I so I am automatically assuming this card was constructed by one of them. I am sure they will be quite pleased to see that I am sharing their artwork and demanding love with the world.


The first page inside the album reads: "Miss Cornie L. Belding, Compliments of Grammar class 1884 Waynesburg College". There is an insert in the back of the album that reads: "Omnibus has Siteras Secturis Salutem". I am currently researching who the people are in the photos in this album, I think the photos were taken in the 1800's. Click on the link to view this album, if you know the names of anyone in this album please send me the information via the contact us page of this web site and I will update this page.


Vintage restaurant menus and placemats

Menu from a restaurant called Wicker's Seafood Galley". There are no markings on the menu to give clues as to time period or location. The menu offers up a dish with an interesting name: "Mess of Fried Smelt".

Cracker Barrel menu from the 1960's.

This placemat is from the 1950's featuring recipes for these classic cocktails: Daiquiri, Screwdriver, Manhattan, Gin Ricky, Angel's Kiss, Grasshopper, Pink Lady, Ward 8, Martini, Bloody Mary, Sidecar, Old Fashioned, Gimlet, Creme De Menthe Frappe, Stinger, Planters Punch, Alexander, Tom Collins, Rob Roy, Gin 'N Tonic, Champagne Cocktail, Mint Julep, Whiskey Sour, and Singapore Sling. This placemat was printed by Springprint of Springfield, OH.


Vintage Postcards

This collection of postcards is extensive. I will be adding to it every few weeks as more postcards are scanned. If anything is written on the back side of the postcard then both sides of the card will be scanned. I list last names used in the personal writings on the postcards beside each group just in case people out there are looking for a glimpse into their own family history. Click on the link(s) below to view the postcards I have scanned so far:

Special Occasion

(mailed from the years 1907 to 1944). Family names and locations I can make out are: Miriam Blose of Urbana, Ohio, Mason of Jefferson, Oregon, Sarah Bates of West Liberty, Ohio, E.L. Baker of 2337 Lynn Street Anderson, Indiana, Jane A. Miller of Raymond, Ohio, Velma Millesan of Route 2 Jeffersonville, Ohio, Bertha M. Ambrase, Bertha Harman and Henry Harman of 620 N. Harrison Street Van Wert, Ohio, Harry Ritts of 1101 Brushton Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mattie Troyer, Jennie Nigh of Carey, Ohio, Salenda Blose of Urbana, Ohio, Alda Ketterman of Dayton, Ohio, Maude Brown of 312 Liberty Street Findlay, Ohio, Burdena Lynn of Thornville, Ohio, Grace Sherrick Rural Route #3 Elida, Ohio, Ella Amsbaugh, Clyde Hetzler of Piqua, Ohio, Wilma Vermillion of Cable, Ohio, J.A. Clark of Rosewood, Ohio, Lizzie Clark of Rosewood, Ohio, Minnie Clark of Rosewood, Ohio, Ruth Rider, Ann Mummott of 19 Park Street Great Barrington, Massachusetts , Guy Garrett of Jackson, Ohio, Hathie Keith of Osseo, Michigan, Kittie Dehn of Three Rivers, Michigan, Edward Allen Sheeley of New Carlisle, Indiana, Jacob Spiedel, Lottie Wheeler, Alta Snyder, Jessie Butler of 324 Plum Alley Bellefontaine, Ohio, Bertie Pickering of Urbana, Ohio, Jane A. Miller of Raymond, Ohio, Maggie Yentz of Delphos, Ohio, G.P. Cornelius of Sandusky, Ohio, Bessie Cornelius Shiffer of New Berlin, Pennsylvania, Ruth Day of Shepard, Ohio, Alice Bickel of Bellevue, Ohio, Irma Honigfort of 735 East Second Street Delphos, Ohio, Otis L. Brown of 208 North Street West Lafayette, Indiana, Georgia Cisco of 1732 W. High Street Springfield, Ohio, H.B. Parker of Temperance, Michigan, Leo Binegar, George C. Good, Fern Erkley of Swanton, Ohio, John Baker of Summit City, Michigan, Tony Schuster of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Margreth Schuster of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Bellefontaine, OH and East Liberty, OH

(mailed from the years 1907 to 1950. Family names I can make out are: Wagoner, Jones, Geyer, Huber, Baker, Winemiller, Murphey, Moore, Bell, Painter). Sites depicted on these postcards: U.S.A.F. 664th Radar Squadron, Main Street, Memorial marking location of First Concrete Street in America (laid in 1891), MC Kinley Street (shortest street in the world - 30 feet long), West Columbus Street, Court House, Central School, Zane Caverns, Sandusky Avenue east from Detroit Street, New Central School, Viaduct over Tucker's Run, Water's Edge, Main Street from Chilicothe Avenue, High School, Main Street from Columbus Avenue, Carnegie Library, George Wood Anderson's Tabernacle, Westminster Class Presbyterian Church, Children's Home, Chillicothe Street, N. Mad River Street, Ludlow, Urbana, OH and First Christian Church.

Columbus, OH

(mailed from the years 1906 to 1954. Family names I can make out are: Stubbs, Miller, Allison, Schmitt, Streng, Cook, Atwell, Hoelcher, Lowry, Mayer, Carpenter, Starbrick, Klohe, Bennett, Earl, Pfeiffer, McBeth, and Whatstone-Dearing). Sites depicted on these postcards: Olentangy Park, County Court House, Post Office, Starling Medical College, Grand Stand, Confederate Monument, State Street, High Street, U.S. Barracks, Broad Street, Indianola Park, Memorial Hall, Main Building Ohio State University, Wyandotte Building, Indianola Park, State School for Deaf and Dumb, St. Mary of the Springs College for Women, Coon Skin Library - Ohio State Museum, The Chittenden Hotel, Ohio State Penitentiary, State Fair Grounds.

Dayton, OH

(mailed from the years 1908 to 1912 to people in Lakeview, OH. Family names I can make out are: Stubbs, Anderson, Berryhill, Easley, Marlon, Sayre, Speidel, and Ramsey). Sites depicted on these postcards: Grand Stand at the Fairgrounds, View of National Cash Register Factory, 5700 Employees of the N.C.R. Co., Electric Power for Manufacturing Wright Aeroplanes The Dayton Lighting Company, The Wright Bros. Airship Factory, Steele High School, Bindery National Cash Register Works, Stivers Manual Training High School, Main Street Bridge, New Washington Street Bridge, Soldiers home garden and lakes, The N.C.R. Co. Office Building, Hospital National Soldiers Home, South Main Street, The Reibold Buildings, and Ludlow Street South of 2nd.

Indian Lake, OH (Russells Point, Lake View, Hunstville)

(mailed from the years 1907 to 1960. Family names I can make out are: Fry, Gleason, Thomas, Scovell, Bellar, Sibert, Rice, McClure, Poller, Wall, Young, Snyder, Stubbs, Butler, Dingman, Hall, Shafer, Hammaker, Walker, Ford, Wagoner, Louck, Acron, Phelps, Robertson, Murphy, Stayrook, Clark, McBride, Neale, Holiday, Ridenour, Furbee, McKenna, Earl, Easley, Gramer, Moses, Brandt, Roberts, Geyer, Singer, Kohn, Song, Paxton, Wise, Hawkins, Runyan, Merritt, and Brinkmyer).

Sites depicted on these postcards: Boat Channel, Indian Lake Park, Lake Ridge Hotel, The Whirl and Outlet, The Bulkhead, Lewistown Reservoir, Lyons Landing, Stubbs Camp Ground, Boat Landing, The Harbor, The Spa Swimming Pool, Sandy Beach, Open Air Dance Hall, Beatley's Hotel, Stubbs Landing, Cottenwood, New Dance Hall, Sandy Beach Park Dance Hall, Island View Park, Eagle's Nest, Paradise Island, Sunset, Waste Weir, Speed Boat, Plaza Show Boat, "The Way of the Red Man" Old Indian Trail, Lovers Lane, Astor Cottage, Snake Hunter's Camp, Wakatamak Club, Stubbs Cottages, E.W. Stump Cottage, Orchard Island, White Cottage Boat Landing, Lake Ridge, F.R. Voris, Crane Island, Smith's European Hotel, The Wedge Landing, Lakeside Oconnor's, The Grove, Beatley's Cottages, Silver Isle Bathing Beach, Pleasant View Cottage, Whitman's Island, Bristol's Park, The Bend, Marshall's Landing, Dancing Pavilion, Sassafras Point from Red Oak Island, Andrus Landing, Praters Landing, Maple Lawn, The Mansion House, Governor's Island, Artist Isle, Crystal Bathing Beach, Bailey's Landing, Long Island, and Buttonwood Island.

Springfield, OH

(mailed from the years 1907 to 1911 to people in Lakeview, OH. Family names I can make out are: Stubbs, Parker, Smith, Ray, and Wilker). Sites depicted on these postcards: Fountain Square, I.O.O.F. Home, Y.M.C.A. Building, Spring Grove, Snyder Park, Wittenberg College.

Wapakoneta, OH

(mailed from the years 1906 to 1910. Family names I can make out are: McKinnan, Dingler, Bauer, DeLoug, Sellers, Winemiller, Sisler, Green, and Shaffer). Sites depicted on these postcards: Willipie Street, Auglaize Street, City Hall, English Luthern Church, Auglaize River, Blume High School, New Auglaize County Infirmary, St. Joseph's School, Auglaize River Dam, Interior Catholic Church, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, The Brown Theatre, M. E. Church.

New Orleans, LA and Perry, Georgia

Sites depicted on these postcards: St. Louis Hotel, Bayou St. John, Haunted House, St. Anthony's Alley, City Park, French Opera House, Royal Street, The Archbishopric, Criminal Court House, Canal Street, Post Office, The Cave Restaurant of the Grunewald Hotel, Old Absinthe House, Napoleon House, French Market, Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, Rex Carnival Parade, Courtyard in the French Quarter, Milk Cart, Arcade of Crescent and Tulane Theatres, Lugger Landing, St. Roch's Chapel, American Sugar Refinery, Crescent Bend, Antoine's Restaurant, Pirate's Alley, Mississippi River, Loading Cotton, Metairie Cemetary.

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