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Mitchell's New Intermediate Geography. A System of Modern Geography..., by Samuel Augustus Mitchell, 1867. This is a beautiful hardbound book, the maps alone are magnificent. The name E.S. Wilson of De Graff (Ohio) is written in pencil at the top of the cover and on an inside page. An inscription inside, also written in pencil, reads "Earnestness is the great secret of success. Fr. Marie's Lecture, E.H.W." This book also contains a bookmark that is an advertisement for Western Insurance Company of Buffalo, N.Y. Daniel S. Spellman, Agent, De Graff, Ohio and B.D. West, General Agent, Cincinnati, Ohio.Samuel Augustus Mitchell's school atlases and geography were published from the 1830s until the 1880s. Contains twenty-three full page hand-colored copperplate maps (including a Map of the United States, and Map of the British Provinces). This book also contains engraved vignettes, diagrams and statistics.