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This is a small collection of really beautiful tintypes including one daguerreotype, I have scanned them with a regular scanner and photographed some. If you know who these people are then send me any information you have on them and I will add it to the existing descriptions.

Photographers or case manufacturers noted in some of these are:
Holmes, Booth & Hayden
Littlefield, Parsons & Co.

Names of people in pictures I found are:
Moaggie Anderson, Maggie Anderson, Moaggis Andersen, Hoaggis Andersen.. (not sure) Bellefontaine, Ohio. June 20, 1866.

Interesting bits regardings some of these are:

One picture had two 1864 Internal Revenue Two Cent Bank Check Stamps featuring George Washington adhered to the back (see photos).

Daguerreotype: The image has a reflective, mirror-like appearance, similar to a hologram. The daguerreotype's image is only visible from certain angles. Period in which these were taken: 1839-1860.

Ferrotype (a.k.a. Tintype): were made using a thin sheet of iron coated with black enamel and can be identified using a magnet.