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Bellefontaine, OH and East Liberty, OH: (mailed from the years 1907 to 1950. Family names I can make out are: Wagoner, Jones, Geyer, Huber, Baker, Winemiller, Murphey, Moore, Bell, Painter). Sites depicted on these postcards: U.S.A.F. 664th Radar Squadron, Main Street, Memorial marking location of First Concrete Street in America (laid in 1891), MC Kinley Street (shortest street in the world - 30 feet long), West Columbus Street, Court House, Central School, Zane Caverns, Sandusky Avenue east from Detroit Street, New Central School, Viaduct over Tucker's Run, Water's Edge, Main Street from Chilicothe Avenue, High School, Main Street from Columbus Avenue, Carnegie Library, George Wood Anderson's Tabernacle, Westminster Class Presbyterian Church, Children's Home, Chillicothe Street, N. Mad River Street, Ludlow, Urbana, OH and First Christian Church.