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Columbus, OH: (mailed from the years 1906 to 1954. Family names I can make out are: Stubbs, Miller, Allison, Schmitt, Streng, Cook, Atwell, Hoelcher, Lowry, Mayer, Carpenter, Starbrick, Klohe, Bennett, Earl, Pfeiffer, McBeth, and Whatstone-Dearing). Sites depicted on these postcards: Olentangy Park, County Court House, Post Office, Starling Medical College, Grand Stand, Confederate Monument, State Street, High Street, U.S. Barracks, Broad Street, Indianola Park, Memorial Hall, Main Building Ohio State University, Wyandotte Building, Indianola Park, State School for Deaf and Dumb, St. Mary of the Springs College for Women, Coon Skin Library - Ohio State Museum, The Chittenden Hotel, Ohio State Penitentiary, State Fair Grounds.