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Indian Lake, OH (Russells Point, Lake View, Hunstville): (mailed from the years 1907 to 1960. Family names I can make out are: Fry, Gleason, Thomas, Scovell, Bellar, Sibert, Rice, McClure, Poller, Wall, Young, Snyder, Stubbs, Butler, Dingman, Hall, Shafer, Hammaker, Walker, Ford, Wagoner, Louck, Acron, Phelps, Robertson, Murphy, Stayrook, Clark, McBride, Neale, Holiday, Ridenour, Furbee, McKenna, Earl, Easley, Gramer, Moses, Brandt, Roberts, Geyer, Singer, Kohn, Song, Paxton, Wise, Hawkins, Runyan, Merritt, and Brinkmyer).

Sites depicted on these postcards: Boat Channel, Indian Lake Park, Lake Ridge Hotel, The Whirl and Outlet, The Bulkhead, Lewistown Reservoir, Lyons Landing, Stubbs Camp Ground, Boat Landing, The Harbor, The Spa Swimming Pool, Sandy Beach, Open Air Dance Hall, Beatley's Hotel, Stubbs Landing, Cottenwood, New Dance Hall, Sandy Beach Park Dance Hall, Island View Park, Eagle's Nest, Paradise Island, Sunset, Waste Weir, Speed Boat, Plaza Show Boat, "The Way of the Red Man" Old Indian Trail, Lovers Lane, Astor Cottage, Snake Hunter's Camp, Wakatamak Club, Stubbs Cottages, E.W. Stump Cottage, Orchard Island, White Cottage Boat Landing, Lake Ridge, F.R. Voris, Crane Island, Smith's European Hotel, The Wedge Landing, Lakeside Oconnor's, The Grove, Beatley's Cottages, Silver Isle Bathing Beach, Pleasant View Cottage, Whitman's Island, Bristol's Park, The Bend, Marshall's Landing, Dancing Pavilion, Sassafras Point from Red Oak Island, Andrus Landing, Praters Landing, Maple Lawn, The Mansion House, Governor's Island, Artist Isle, Crystal Bathing Beach, Bailey's Landing, Long Island, and Buttonwood Island.