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Vintage Postcards - Springfield, OH

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This collection of postcards is extensive. I will be adding to it every few weeks as more postcards are scanned. If anything is written on the back side of the postcard then both sides of the card will be scanned. I list last names used in the personal writings on the postcards beside each group just in case people out there are looking for a glimpse into their own family history. Click on "NEXT/PREVIOUS" links below to navigate through the postcards I have scanned so far.

This collection is Springfield, OH postcards (mailed from the years 1907 to 1911 to people in Lakeview, OH. Family names I can make out are: Stubbs, Parker, Smith, Ray, and Wilker). Sites depicted on these postcards: Fountain Square, I.O.O.F. Home, Y.M.C.A. Building, Spring Grove, Snyder Park, Wittenberg College.

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